Mooz 2 - Faulty heated bed fixation

Mooz 2 - Faulty heated bed fixation

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Tools needed

1. 6mm diameter drill

2. 4mm diameter drill

3. Loctite/superglue

4. 4x M3 nuts

5. Small hammer

Work steps

1.Enlarge the existing threaded holes using the 4mm drill using an electric screwdriver that allows speed control.

Drill slowly and take care not to go too deep. I have drilled till I felt the drill tip touching the heating element.

Mooz2 fauty heated bed fixation















2. Use the 6mm drill to enlarge one more time the holes, use the same technique as described above.

3. If needed use sandpaper to level the surface near the holes.

4. Add small amount of adhesive on the walls of the holes one at a time.

6. Place the nut on each hole and use the hammer to force it in the hole, make sure the nut is flushed with the bed surface.

7. Repeat the steps above for the remaining 3 holes.

8. Leave the adhesive to cure (I have used Loctite with a curing time of 24h).


and voila

Mooz2 Screen Magnet

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